Subba-Cultcha Reviews The Deathfix Record

“Of all the Dishord alumni side projects this is certainly one of the most interesting to date. Brendan Canty is joined by Rich Morel (Morel, Bob Moulds partner in Blowoff), Devin Ocampo (Faraquet, Medications) and Mark Cisneros (Medications). Together, they revisit sometime in the early 70s where Prog and occasionally glam(!) ruled supreme. The musicianship is flawless – as is song structure and development. The songs are hook led (the riff from Dali’s House will be buzzing round your head for days) and contain some great grooves – this is great Sunday afternoon music, to relax back to and tap your foot to. There are the odd curveballs which raises it up to an album that you will return to over and over. Musically it references everyone from Love to The Beatles at points – and Low Lying Dreams reminds me alarmingly of Smashing Pumpkins, althought that is probably as the melody bears a close resemblance to Soma. You get the very strong impression that these songs formed out of a LOT of timely relaxed improvisation (the shortest song out of the seven tracks is approaching 4 1/2 minutes – and there are two tracks over 8 minutes long! Short it ain’t!) What they lack in spontaneity they make up for in self-assurance. They aren’t afraid to experiment musically either – with all types of instruments and effects showing up – there is even some noticeable Wah-Wah in there! With such a group of musicians who have all experienced both critical and musical success you get the impression that this might be the kind of album that they always secretly dreamed of making back in their younger days, now they have the authority and gravitas to essentially do what they like, luckily they do not abuse the privilege and have created a confident and accomplished record.”

Deathfix Cover Artwork